What You Don’t See

You may think you know this man

Standing tall, in ACU’s, a confidence in his eyes

His wife and his children at his side

His future ahead of him, if fate agrees

What you don’t see is his death

The death he faces every time he boards the plane

The releasing of all that he is, or even hopes to be

To get the mission done, to keep us safe

He sacrifices his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

For all those in our country that he holds so dear

His family meets him at the hanger

Wondering what kind of man they will find this time

His very spirit morphed into survival

What you don’t see is his fight

His fight to the death

No one can see the demons he brings home

The demons that thrive in the very sand his boots tread daily

Spirit’s so dark, that no one can even see them, much less understand

Daily, he fights them, to the death

It’s his life or theirs

The man that stands before you is clothed in valor, strength and honor

But what you don’t see is what he has given up

His gift to you is peace

His gift to you is strength

His gift to you is dignity

His gift to you is security

He gives these things selflessly, with no regrets

He charges them to his honor

These gifts weren’t free, they cost him these very things

The man that stands before you, appears to be so normal

That is the face of strength he puts on, while hoping that his heart will follow

But what you don’t see is that he has given up everything

Daily life has become excruciating

The future of promise he once held is gone

Yet, he still holds on to hope

And if asked to do it again…

He would lead the way