The Prophetic Winter

It’s no secret that I’m not terribly fond of winter, but I’ve been noticing all of the winter trees this season.  Trees without leaves, planted strong, seemingly unproductive looking all but dead.  These trees hold beauty to me.  Without their leaves, you can see the beauty of their structure.  Each tree is unique, the way their branches are formed.  Some have large branches out to the side with smaller ones stemming out.  Some branches climb straight up.  Some have lots of large branches and some have clusters of tiny branches.  Some branches make angular turns and others are straight and smooth.  The beauty of the bare structure has captivated me.

One of the reasons that these bare trees hold so much majesty is because they are in their original, raw, form.  Throughout the year they yield their “fruit”, the leaves.  Many times the leaves distract from the structure itself.  Sometimes the leaves are even deceiving (they deceive you by not allowing you to see the structure underneath).  Winter is the season of dormancy.  It is the time where it appears that all life ceases to exist, but this is not the case.

Fall doesn’t just mark a season change.  The leaves changing colors and then falling off serves a vital purpose.  It is preparing the tree for the perseverance required to make it through the winter.  Leaves change colors because the tree is shutting off water and nutrient flow to the leaves to prepare for winter.  If the trees did not cut off this flow, then winter would kill the tree.  It would essentially bleed out all of its nutrients and would die.  This is where I feel like I am.  I feel like my life has produced fruit (leaves).  Some fruit has been genuine and true, so have been of my own making, and some from the influence of others.  I am in my winter season.  All is bare.  I am coming back to my original structure.  I am looking at what my actual shape is.  My trunk and branches are unchangeable.  They came from the original seed that I then became.  The seed is now a strong system of roots.

Roots’ activity is greatly stunted during the winter, although the root system still very much alive.  The roots are at rest, and interestingly enough, the roots grow at different rates, much like people who experience growth in different areas at different times.  Some are dormant while others grow.  Roots grow the most during the spring and early summer.  This is while the buds and leaves are in bloom.  Much growth below the surface happens while the fruit of the tree is visible.

I am currently resting, completely bare.  This is an important part of the life cycle.  During winter, the root system actually stretches out and expands in search for water (this allows for a larger, stronger tree bearing more leaves next season).  This is a time to get back to your roots.  To find out what is true of your root system (the Gospel/the Father vs. religion).  As you do this, your root system will expand and take your little tree to new heights.  When you realize the truth of the seed you came from, your root system expands, growing deeper, and when the next bloom comes, you will be able to see the fruit of your rest.