HT Art Premier

Saturday was my first official art gallery.  My bestest friend opened her home and hosted the event!  Not only did she host, but she helped organize and hang all of my paintings (after i came in with two boxes and said, “help”!)  The turn out was amazing!  More people came than I ever expected.  It was so amazing to have friends there to hang out with, and all the support and encouragement I received blessed my heart so very much!

The only problem I encountered was what I’d like to be able to call a technical problem, but in fact, I believe you could only call it a personal problem.  My super-not-amazing-beyond-ancient phone’s memory was full, and I ended up forgetting my camera at home.  So, I only have before pictures.  I don’t have any with all of the wonderful people that came.  I’d still love to share them with you.  (They definitely show off my bestie’s great gallery skills!”)

 Christmas collection
 Main Section
 Close up!
 Side view
 Ocean Collection
 Textured Wall
 Not sure what to call this collection yet
Ideas anyone?
Sunny Collection
Thank you so much for everyone that came out to support me!  It means more to me than you know!