My Writer’s Block

So, I’ll admit, I’ve had some writers block lately. I’ve had a few issues in my head that have been in the forefront of my mind. They are pretty much unrelated, but maybe if I get them out, I’ll be able to move on. This is not my full synopsis on these issues, I’m merely just getting them off of my chest.

1. The new anti-soldier, anti-war movement in Christianity. This may not actually be a new thing, but Christians are coming out of the woodwork taking a stand against war and violence. Now, you don’t have to agree with the war to support our troops! Regardless of your thoughts on our action in foreign countries, the soldiers that fight for your freedom, are people! They are men and women that risk their lives for you. All of the soldiers that have deployed have sacrificed something for you, some more than others, and even some lay down their lives for you! I have even heard it said that a freedom won through violence is no freedom at all. Are you kidding me?! This is a smack in the face to everyone in the world that does not have the freedom that we enjoy! (Did you know that there are people in this world that actually aren’t free?) Many of the proponents of this anti-war/violence message, simply leave out any views on American soldiers. By doing this, it leaves their followers wondering whether or not to support our troops. Most followers, quickly move into the category of anti-soldier. Let’s be clear: silence is a position. Let’s keep our focus here. You don’t have to agree with the war to support the PEOPLE that have experienced things far beyond your understanding. They are real people with lives of their own, families, dreams, and ambitions, they simply decided that your freedom was worth fighting for, and are willing to give up everything to ensure your freedom for years to come!

2. Modesty: oh dear, sweet modesty. I’m so glad that some people hit it big by writing blogs about not wearing yoga pants. I’m even happier that others are standing up to say how ridiculous this emphasis is. I mean, really! I’ve got to say, I’ve been in churches, all my life and can maybe count on one hand the amount of outfits I’ve seen people wear that have been immodest. I really just don’t think it’s a big issue (unless the issue is maybe, jealousy, insecurity, or a distrust in your husband). Most of the time, I think the real issue is vanity! People that preach the modesty message, spend so much of their time swimming in vanity. Even if you’re trying to dress like the Amish, if that’s what you’re always thinking about, it’s vanity. I think my biggest issue with all of this modesty talk, is that an unhealthy obsession with the covering of your body promotes a rape culture. This is the reason that victims can’t come forward when they have been violated. They are met with judgments. “Well, what were you wearing?” “What kind of signals were you sending off?” “Where were you?” It makes the judgment that if you were wearing yoga pants, you smiled or had a friendly demeanor, or walked down a street with a streetlight that was out, you were asking for it! Let’s be clear: Modesty has nothing to do with rape, it is the manifestation of the evil desires and sin of the perpetrator! The purpose of rape is not to live out some sexual fantasy, but humiliation and hatred being acted out!

3. What to do when discernment has left the building? I grew up in a fundamental church. (I’ve been using the word fundamental a lot more recently because if you look at the definitions, it describes it to a “T”) There was tons of emphasis on discernment. (Looking back, it’s a bit odd because everything was discerned as “wrong” or “bad”…but anyway, the emphasis was there). Since then, I have learned that for every counterfeit, there is an authentic. I’ve been spending more of my time pursuing the authentic. Much of this fundamental discernment was fear based. Fear is very linked with control, and the desire and need to control. I have seen many fear driven people, setting aside all discernment to pursue things that allow them to be in control. Strange, but true. Then, there’s the other side. There’s the people that “your momma warned you about”. I didn’t know they existed, but they do. It seems that much of the church is divided into two categories: fear based “discernment” or no discernment. (Just for the record, I have actually found a group of people that has merged the two: love of the Word AND the Holy Spirit.) But yea, I guess there are those people that are blown around by every word that comes forth, and end up dabbling in some very dangerous stuff! But what to do with this? That, I don’t have an answer to.

So, there it is. My writers block issues. I do feel better after getting all of this off of my chest, but the question is, was this just for me to get out, or is it supposed to post this on the web for all to see?