For the Love of Creativity

We are all created by creativity.  We are all born with creativity.  Long before time began, you were creatively designed.  You are a product of the creativity of the Divine Creator.  He didn’t just create, and end there.  He crafted you from His DNA.  He intended for you to continue creating.  You have been given a unique expression of creativity that the world is in desperate need of!  Inside you, there is a seed that needs watering and cultivating, to bloom into a beautiful expression of love from the Father.

I know I started out creative.  I was the super emotionally energetic child.  I was the child whose parents bought “The Strong Willed Child” book.  I remember having a very vivid imagination.  I remember hours turning into days of make believe fun.  I’ve been told, I never knew a stranger.  I would draw, act, play piano, sing, and write tons of stories!  These were my expressions.

One day, something changed.  Someone else in my family was labeled “the artistic one”.  Many of my friends began to excel musically.  As it turned out, I was only an average singer.  One day, the unthinkable happened, and I forgot my lines in a skit, in front of the whole school.  The only thing that hung on through my teen years was intellectual and academic pursuits.  I guess it’s safer that way, not having to put yourself out there, and risk.  In one last ditch effort to pursue creativity, I decided to take art my senior year of high school.  That didn’t last too long.  I was kicked out.  Sure, it wasn’t because of my lack of artistic ability, but that’ll pretty much put a damper on things.

So like all people, in their formative years, much of my actions were based on other’s reactions to me.  I don’t believe that anyone made the decision to not be creative for me.  I very clearly remember comparing myself to others and feeling defeated.  I opted for what was safe, and was sure to steer clear of anything involving risk.

One day, all of that changed!  I had begun reading about how God created us, and created us to create!  I learned that art (along with everything else creative) can be prophetic!  He wants to partner with the creativity He put in us, and have that shine for the world to see!  He longs for us to create things of beauty that will leave the world in awe!  All of that points to Him!

For me, it started with a gift card to a craft store.  I had nothing to lose.  I’d always wanted to try my hand at painting, and here was my opportunity.  I had beautiful pictures that God had given me, in my heart and in my head, but had no idea how to get them from my heart onto the canvas.  I just started!  The hardest part for me is just starting, and giving myself permission to make mistakes.  That’s exactly how it started.  I went from a person that was completely shut down and a non-creative, to a woman whose brain is always on, always receiving, always longing to create!  As soon as I actually started, I began receiving more and more!  As I utilize these gifts, God keeps pouring even more over me.  I don’t feel like there are enough hours in a day to create everything in my heart!  I morn over the years lost, and look forward to all that I have left in life.  I will continue to create, and my hope is to help others realize the creativity they house.

Right now, I’m starting slow and steady.  If you want to check out my facebook page, it holds some of my creations.  I will be revamping and expanding in 2015!  I’m so excited for the things to come!


HT Art Premier

Saturday was my first official art gallery.  My bestest friend opened her home and hosted the event!  Not only did she host, but she helped organize and hang all of my paintings (after i came in with two boxes and said, “help”!)  The turn out was amazing!  More people came than I ever expected.  It was so amazing to have friends there to hang out with, and all the support and encouragement I received blessed my heart so very much!

The only problem I encountered was what I’d like to be able to call a technical problem, but in fact, I believe you could only call it a personal problem.  My super-not-amazing-beyond-ancient phone’s memory was full, and I ended up forgetting my camera at home.  So, I only have before pictures.  I don’t have any with all of the wonderful people that came.  I’d still love to share them with you.  (They definitely show off my bestie’s great gallery skills!”)

 Christmas collection
 Main Section
 Close up!
 Side view
 Ocean Collection
 Textured Wall
 Not sure what to call this collection yet
Ideas anyone?
Sunny Collection
Thank you so much for everyone that came out to support me!  It means more to me than you know!