Christ in You Book Review

Christ in You

By: Eric B. Johnson

I have been so excited for the release of this book, and it far exceeded my expectations!  Eric Johnson’s book, “Christ in You”, is a must read for every Christian.  Each page is packed full of as many truths as possible!  You won’t find any idle words here!  He lays out the foundation of our identity in Christ, what Jesus’ work on the cross accomplished in us, and continues on to show is what this would look like in personal lives, church, cities, and the world.

The chapter titles are:

In God’s Image-why we were created, and what being created in His image means

The Greatest Mystery Revealed-wisdom and the fullness of God

The Light that is in you-blessings and increase

Kingdom now or kingdom later?-what is God doing in 2015, the authority given you believers, maturity

Conviction-the birthplace of confidence-arrogance vs. confidence, grace, believers are no longer sinners, but saints

Does God trust you?-co-laboring with God, God doesn’t want to control you

Permission to be great-ownership and responsibility, overflow of identity vs. striving, covenant

The Box-fear of man, the great commission

Hall of Faith-what faith really looks like

This book is VERY full!  Eric Johnson gives an amazingly balanced approach to many hot topic issues such as financial prosperity, arrogance, personal gain, striving, and pride.  He is quick to point out misconceptions and counter them with truth.  If you’ve ever heard him preach, you know he packs his messages full of stories, practical application, analogies, and mind-blowing revelation.  His book is even more intense than his sermons!

I would highly recommend this book for every believer, and even unbelievers!  Don’t forget to add a pack of highlighters to your order.  I have received a complementary copy of this book through Chosen books, but will be buying additional copies to give as gifts.


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