Heavenly accounting

This is an amazing blog I read today! It grabbed me right where I was! Its such a beautifully simple message, that we have tried to hard to complicate. Its a wonderful read of simple extravagant love!


This life we have here, in this form, on this planet, with our friends and family and opportunities is very short compared to our eternal potential.  It is easy to get distracted now and miss a present moment for a future possibility.  We shouldn’t be taking one step and then another on this walk just debating a future step that is unseen.  Jesus sets us free to live eternally now.  That may seem strange and paradoxical but so liberating.  I used to fear all the time.  I used to quake with the thought of tomorrow.  I used to argue in my own head the possibilities of tomorrow and completely miss what I have right now.  Religion has so many running the treadmill of future possibilities instead of living in the joy Jesus has for us now.  We get to live His life.  We get to be connected with hope and…

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