Book Review: Touched by Heaven

I just read the book “Touched by Heaven” by Nancy Ravenhill and thought I’d post a book review on it.  I am devoting a portion of this blog to book reviews, to balance my bookaholic tendencies and writing obsession!

“Heaven exists-and it can touch your life.”  This is the theme of Nancy Ravenhill’s book which shares the powerful story of her life long encounters with God.  It begins at a young age and recounts various experiences at different times in her life, when God showed up in very real ways to her.

She talks about how God showed up during the trauma of childhood parental abuse, the future healing that would take place between her and her parents, how God led her every step as a young adult from what school and education she should pursue to what man God had for her. She even talks about long periods of loneliness and how Jesus had not forgotten her during those times.  She recounts visitations from Jesus, angelic encounters, and how God physically healed those around her.

Ravenhill’s life experiences contain at least one that we can all relate to.  She simply tells her experiences in such a powerful way that it feels like you really know her at the end of the book.  One of the messages her book sends is that God is always around us.  He is always speaking to us, and moving in our lives, we just need ears to hear and eyes to see what He is doing.  Her story gives permission for the reader to acknowledge some of the otherwise “strange” or “unexplainable” events that may happen in their own lives, as what they truly are: messages from God.

Each chapter is very manageable in length, and covers at least one of Ravenhill’s encounters with God.  She does not leave you hanging onto only her words though, but at the end of each chapter she invites you in to experience and expect the same types of things in your own life!

I received a complementary copy of this book from Chosen Books for review, and although I don’t usually read books from this genre, I would highly recommend it to anyone longing to see what the power of God looks like in real life today.  This book is definitely a faith builder!


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